AI economy

Can replace the human service personal

Self Check-In
After your guest booked and payed for appartment, controller set unique door code, according start and expiry dates.
Owned don't have to meet guests. No worries about lost keys or cards.

Control over Internet

Any time you wish, owner can change any door codes.
From anywhere. Web-based software used web browser. You don't have to install anything.
You can extend guests stay, just by 3 clicks from mobile phone.

Linux Controller

Up to 16 doors per one controller

Access Keypad
Convenient and reliable. No keys. No access cards. No smartphones.
Vandal resistant metall keypad with tamperswitch.
Simple 4 digit code. Even no need to remember. Door code equal last 4 digit of Booking order.

Additional options

Easy to use API. It enables interaction between door controller and your own PMS software.
Personal can recieve E-mails and Push-up notifications about any events. For cleaning room, or other.


Can be connected to security system

Video CCTV sysstem integration
Controllers software allows a users to fast search of any video events according door open events.
Only one cklick and video clip on your monitor.
It can be a photos as well.

Protected by Paradox™

It can sends notification and alarm system events via email or push-up.
Control and monitor a security panel through an Internet. Reports control panel events and Arm security system.
Owner get all information about appartment security situation.