Upload dwg.js file

After convertation get 'output.dwg'
Help here. Center of the page

You have to create 'dwg.js' file on your android device with 'ParaDroid' applet. Then upload it here. Wait a few seconds and download result.
File will be here 1 minute, than deleted.

How To

It is very easy

Less than 1 minute process
Best way to get and save documentation

  • After connect 'PARADROID' with EVO or NE96, select 'Tools' (right-top 3 dots menu).
  • If you need User information on CAD model (codes, cards, partitons, etc..), select option 'Add User Data'. (takes more time)
  • Resul will be in '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/dps.paradroid/files/'. File: 'dwg.js'
  • You can use it as JavaScript file with QCAD sofware on your PC. It generate a output.dwg file for you.
  • Or upload 'dwg.js' file here, and then download 'output.dwg' result.
  • File lifetime is 60sec. You have to download it within 1 min.
  • DWG Examples

    here is small gallery

    Alarm panel structure scheme
    User data can be included

    You don't need this converter. Install QCAD software, and use 'dwg.js' file to create own 'output.dwg' project.