Smart House

Automated homes of the future

You have it anyway:
Domestic robotics (domotics)

You can join it in one system
All. From lamp to ventilation and CCTV can be controlled from one iPhone screen

Ip Video

Fire Safety

Fire Protection Engineering

How much cost your home or business?
There is a EN54
There is a insurance
There is a inspection

But you have one's head screwed on right
It is not very expensive
It is very effective
It save your nerves and time

Ip Video

IP automation

Industrial Design

Factory automation
Energy Saver
Reduce human factor
24 hour, 7 days

Take a look at this paint job.
You need all day to turn on or switch off something or other?
Test and record?
Open and close?
Drive in different places?
Live it to IP-automation.

Ip Video